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I don’t think I ever really sat down and thought about how World of Warcraft not only influenced me as a person but creatively as well. I used to blog about my characters in World of Warcraft, little creative stories. I became raid leader for the first time, making callouts over TeamSpeak, something I rarely talked on before hand. When I opened up commissions for the first time I received World of Warcraft PC custom requests and wow did they challenge my crochet skills.

One of my first commissions was an Orc. He had bones all over his armor and I used polymer clay to make the little details and added beads glued to his shield. I had to stop doing that because I wasn’t very skilled with clay and it started to take too much time. But! Looking at this little guy I’m very proud of the little details I was able to pull off with this guy. He’s absolutely adorable.

Night Elves, Humans, Draenei

The Night Elves, Draenei, and Humans were easy enough. Figure out the ears and we were good to go. I did have some trouble when helmets or hoods came into play. How can we tuck these giant ears into this hood and not make it look awkward right? I really wish when I was making commissions I wrote down the patterns I was using, even if it was just in my shorthand, because I could have used a nice jumping off spot for future commissions. I don’t think we really think about that when we first start out. That will probably be a huge piece of advice I would give people that crochet, World of Warcraft or not. Write down your patterns. Even if you have zero interest in selling your patterns later on, you never know if you’ll need your patterns in the future. Think of the time you’ll save! Even if you can’t use the exact same pattern, you’ll at least have a start.


Then I received a request for a Tauren. Oh, my lord. I, of course, accepted the challenge. I enjoy challenges. Keeps me on my toes. How on earth was I going to do the snout? I was still in my mindset that they had to have the sackdoll look, with these customizations as merely addons to the doll. I think if I ever go back to making WoW dolls I don’t think I would hold myself to that standard. I think I would allow the doll to be what it’s supposed to be rather than a “sackdoll that looks like xyz race.” Once we figured out how to do the snout for the Tauren, doing one for a Worgen became easy.


How could I forget the Trolls?! I had a hard time figuring out tusks. Some Trolls have larger than life tusks and figuring out how to showcase them without over powering the face was tough. I decided to add noses, which is something I don’t normally do. I think dolls are cute without noses personally. But I must admit some of the Trolls I did are just adorable. Vol’jin in particular! Look how cute he looks!

I’m trying to rack my brain, I think I left before Vol’jin took over as leader of the horde. Ya’ll are gonna have to tell me what you thought of his reign… had to be better than certain.. other.. leaders.. right?

Druid Forms

I thought that was it. I thought the challenges of Taurens and Worgens… and Trolls were the end. Until I received commissions from a most loved commissioner. They had asked me about doing the Druid forms for their Tauren. Now, I’ve dabbled a little in quadrupeds before, but nothing in this scale. Speaking of scale, that was actually a HUGE problem that I had as a crocheter: I had a hard time keeping things small.  Keeping things smaller in scale is still a problem I struggle with. I’ve made it a mission to work on this as you can see in my later patterns, but at the time. EVERYTHING was just huge. I wasn’t trying to make them huge, but for some reason I just couldn’t create smaller pieces.

So when I started work on these druid forms I did not mean for them to be as big as they were! Despite that, the challenge was rewarding as I think they came out really well. I’m proud of them. I remember all the mistakes I made with them. All the frogging. And all of it made the finished project just that much better.


Don’t forget the Moonkin form! The only one I managed to keep small, ha! I discovered that I really… really hate creating feathers. I tried so many different variations and none of them were ever 100% right. Especially since it’s more fur than feather at the top of the doll. Each of the feathers on the bottom were attach individually as well as each of the strands of yarn attach at the top. Crazy! Don’t even get me started on those horns! Haha.


One of my more famous dolls is that of Alexstrasza and Ysera. Thankfully the commissioner sent me a picture of both of them when they arrived. Far better than any pictures I could take at the time! I’m super happy with the pair. By this point in my commissioning career…  I realized just how much I hated doing hair. Lots… and lots… of stringing yarn. I’m very happy with how they turned out regardless.

I have been very fortunate to receive so many custom requests and commissions. They helped me grow as an artist and really pushed me to be more creative in crochet. I have very few crochet patterns for World of Warcraft. As I said previously I did not write down my patterns for any of the commissions I did. But, if you’d like to challenge yourself to crochet your own World of Warcraft characters I do have the Sackdoll base pattern available below. Not only do you get the pattern, but there’s also video instructions on how to construct the doll itself. I also have the ears, horns, and tusks addon that also includes video instructions on how to add all of those features that make the doll the various races. I have one pattern available that is WoW inspired, linked below. You do have to purchase the base doll pattern in order to make the Red Dragon Queen.

Jaina and Voidwalkers.... Oh my..

It’s unfortunate that I quit playing WoW before they really dived into a Jaina story line. I tried going back so that I could experience it, but I didn’t get very far. So for now, I’m regulated to just playing her in HotS (Heroes of the Storm, a MOBA with Blizzard characters). In honor of how often I play her we have a lovely little Jaina doll and pattern! I may need to make another one because her new outfit and hair are awesome!

We also have a pattern for a Voidwalker! I loved playing Warlock. I love damage over time classes! And warlock let me summon demons and be ridiculously over powered at the time? Easy decision. These two patterns are in the Blizzard pack!

All of my WoW PC dolls are started with my sackdoll base pattern. This pattern includes a 4 paged PDF with 9 detailed pictures for you to created your sackdoll with ease. Also included is a 26 minute step by step video tutorial!

This pattern includes a 8 paged PDF with many detailed pictures for you to create the ears and snouts of various fantasy creatures including: Tauren, Elves, Trolls, Orcs, Pandas, Worgens and Draenei . Also included is a 45 minute step by step video tutorial!

Additionally I have a Red Dragon Queen pattern! This 8 page PDF has 18 pictures to guide you along to create your very own! This is an addon! You must purchase the base body pattern in order to complete this doll.

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