Heroes of Newerth

The very first MOBA I ever played was Heroes of Newerth (HoN). I played more hours than I care to admit. I also used to blog about it and offer guides to follow, but with work it was hard to keep up with the meta changes. Regardless, since I was so absorbed with the game I obviously wanted to crochet my favorite Heroes of Newerth characters!

I primarily played support. One of my favorites was Empath. Not only did she heal, but she was able to conjure walls that you could trap enemy players in for their death or trap them out to allow your teammates to escape. It was just fun. On top of that, her ultimate allowed her to join with another player which allowed my lazy butt to just sit there and heal without worrying about my positioning. God I love those types of characters. So of course, she was one of the first dolls that I made so many years ago. I created her while in my my Sackboy phase, which is why she has the little zipper up her belly! Haha.


I’m extremely proud of the obvious growth I see on this page. Knowing how new I was to crochet when I started on these Heroes of Newerth dolls I’m amazed at what I was able to do. I don’t mean this to be braggy. I am a diehard perfectionist. I have been desperately trying to work on this and find a balance because while I like how it gives me an attention to detail it does hold me back quite a bit because I just can’t release things unless I feel their perfect. So what I’m saying is that while I see the flaws in these dolls I’m perfectly okay with them. They were great for their time and my skill. I’m proud of me, two-fold.

Dragons, Demons, and Robots

Forgive the quality of photos! I had just moved back to Utah and I was content in hiding in my tiny little office closed off from sunlight and the world. Haha. So while I do credit World of Warcraft for pushing me to explore different shapes I would be doing a disservice to Heroes of Newerth if I didn’t mention the people that commissioned me to crochet so many HoN characters. Not only did I learn different shapes and sizes, I experimented with buttons, wires and velcro and removable weapons. Some of which I never did again. I think I used fabric glue, but I have no idea about how it held up long term. Terrible decisions. But, look at my boy Draconis!

I remember finishing his head and saying “Holy shit, it’s perfect!” I didn’t have anything to start off from and I was just experimenting with increases and decreases, molding the shape as I was going. And I nailed it first try. I was so happy.


Have you ever loved, yet hated a project you did? Haha. Thunderbringer was one of those dolls for me. Now I absolutely love how he turned out. I mean look at him! He’s amazing! You really can’t tell the shape due to all of his fur, but he’s hunched over. I was really proud of how I was able to get his shape to stand up on his own with the help of his staff. Now the entire reason I hate him… was his fur. I probably didn’t have to do his fur this way, but that perfectionist self I told you about knew this was the most accurate to his character.

The Ultimate Boss - Kongor

I appreciate the developers behind Heroes of Newerth so much. I shared my first dolls on their public forums and I received so much love from the community and from the devs. A lot of them commissioned me for dolls of their heroes. It was crazy! I felt so honored. It really was a confidence booster. I loved the game so much and to be in contact with developers that were creating it was amazing. Even more amazing was that every so often when they did community update videos I could spot one of my dolls in the background. I STILL smile thinking about it. Every so often I feel a pull to go back to HoN. I just feel like I never have the time.

I was commissioned to create a larger version of Kongor for their office. Being as inexperienced as I was, grappling with actual size of my pieces was a challenge. Kongor was the largest doll I ever created to this day. I don’t think I will ever do anything of that size again especially with the hook size I was using. It was crazy. I even frogged it all at one point because the shape just wasn’t right. I don’t remember how long it took me to create, but I feel like it was at least a month if not more. So, I wanted to show you guys the progress photos of this guy.

This was late in the night. I finally finished the body and I had the back legs finished and ready to be attached. These progress photos weren’t meant for the internet… haha.

I finally finished all four of the legs. I was just happy it was standing up on its own as well as standing evenly. You can see the sheer size this guy became. He towers over my monitors.

Here I added his fingers. I began making the wraps around his arms and legs. Still no head yet… honestly I wasn’t sure how I was going to do the head at this point or even how I was going to attach it.

His harness was actually easier than I thought it was going to be. It was essentially making the tube however long I needed it to be and attaching it in pieces. I went through 4 skeins of grey for the body and head with an additional 2 skeins of brown for the wraps and the harness.

It’s so weird. I remember feeling… shame and so much anxiety when I shipped this guy off. He was my first really big doll and while the commissioner did nothing but compliment and give praise I still had it in my head this idea that they were going to absolutely hate this doll when he arrived. I really did. But I look at these pictures now and just.. holy crap people do you see this?! I made this! This was me! I did it! Look how cool he looks! He’s got his shields and everything! Look at those super cool fingers! Ya. I did that. This was my Everest.. and I climbed that mofo.

I hoped you enjoyed my journey of one crochet Heroes of Newerth character at a time.

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