Mass Effect

In the before times, I used to show off my crochet dolls on DeviantArt. Pretty sure it’s all deleted now, but at the time everything I made, including my crochet Mass Effect dolls were up there. In fact, I received a push from the people there that liked my stuff to put my dolls up on Etsy. The very first crochet doll I ever sold was Jack from Mass Effect 2. And the lovely, amazing person that purchased her commissioned many more Mass Effect dolls from me. Which honestly was a joy to work on. I played it so much that I think Mass Effect 3 was the first game I ever pre-ordered.

This is when I started to drop the idea that my dolls were just Sackboys dressed up like different characters. These were the first dolls I started to do without the zipper up the front. You can also see I was using a different set of buttons for the eyes, these were much flatter. I was also experimenting with crochet embroidery slip stitches. The problem with doing these types of stitches is you have to have consistent tension. Without that consistency you run the risk of deforming the doll. Jack had a slight issue with this, but you can really see it on the Tali hood below. I’ve gotten this technique down a bit better these days. You can also see Joker’s beard deforming the head and jawline a little bit too. This was from just pulling the yarn too tightly as I was making it.

My Favorite Character: Tali

In an attempt to avoid deforming the hood of Tali I began experimenting with felt and fleece. I used fabric glue to attach the stripe on the back of her hood. Looking back I should have used a needle and thread and just hand sewn it the old fashion way, but it turned out just fine with glue. I was surprised to see the perfect color in fleece while I was walking through the craft store. So soft too!

This doll was definitely my most popular commission in the beginning. Especially this version. Everyone just wanted to have their own Mass Effect crochet Tali! Can’t blame them! She was my absolute favorite. She went with me everywhere I could take her.

The Asari

Ok, I must confess. When I first made Aria I had a Bilbo moment. I thought to myself “I want to keep her.. she’s so cute!” I just feel like I completely nailed her! Her and Liara’s head.. crests.. (I just looked up what the technical term for these were on the wiki) turned out great. I don’t tend to plan much when I work on commissions. I’m definitely in the “Measure once, cut twice” crowd. So when I made all of their tendril.. things.. I just made them all at once and hoped they’d fit on their head. And they did! Which does not help me to get to the much more responsible crowd that measures twice. Ah well.. maybe one day.

Oh No..

Writing this post and looking at all of these crochet Mass Effect dolls… ugh I can’t help but want a Tali of my very own. I sold all the ones that I made and now I don’t have any. Maybe I’ll look into making a pattern. I do still have love for Mass Effect, especially 2, but I have honestly fallen out of love with the franchise as a whole. Maybe making a Tali will remind me of the love I used to have and the great times I had playing that game.

All of my Mass Effect dolls used this base sack doll as the base. This pattern includes a 4 paged PDF with 9 detailed pictures for you to created your sackdoll with ease. Also included is a 26 minute step by step video tutorial!

While this pack doesn’t include any Mass Effect patterns it can help get you started!

This pack includes all of the patterns for sackdolls that were previously available on my Patreon. They are no longer available there so instead they are offered here for anyone that wishes to still obtain them. These patterns are ADDONS you will not be able to complete these dolls unless you also purchase the Base Body Pattern.

This pack includes: Castiel (Supernatural) 7 paged PDF; Princess Leia’s Slave Outfit 7 paged PDF; Geralt (Witcher 3) 5 paged PDF; KOS-MOS (Xenosaga) 9 paged PDF, Belle (Beauty and the Beast) 5 paged PDF; and a Stormtrooper 8 paged PDF.

Each pattern has lots of detailed pictures to help you along!

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