Star Wars

I LOVE Star Wars! So of course I had to make some Star Wars crochet! Back in my day…. we had 3 Star Wars movies to choose from and I remember my older brother telling my younger brother and me to choose which of the three we wanted to watch. We, of course, picked out Return of the Jedi (um hello. Ewoks were awesome and cute at the age of 10). And I remember my older brother yelling “No! You pick that one every time! Pick one of the other two!” And I think we ended up watching Empire Strikes Back. The prequels came out while I was in high school. They were ..okay? I mean I didn’t love them like I loved the original trilogy, but I certainly watched them during my marathons.

Star Wars content has exploded. Video games, cartoons, movies, TV shows! It’s so fantastic. There is so much content to enjoy and pick from. And of course, you’re not going to like all of it. But I would rather have more Star Wars than none …for the most part. Ha. New stories, please. I promise you that the Skywalkers aren’t the only people in the universe.

Speaking of, Grogu is adorable. I saw a fanart of Grogu as a Mando and oohhh my goddddd please. I don’t know how it would work… how he could possibly be successful.. but I’m for it.

Leia Organa

Leia has always been one of my ultimate favorite characters. She was headstrong, confident, independent. I love her so much. Her long gorgeous hair was goals for me for a long time. Ah! I just love her!

Speaking of her hair… my goodness that was annoying to style. I used so many pins to get that hair to just stay still. I definitely needed to give her longer hair in the first doll, but it still turned out great. I love the simplicity of her A New Hope outfit. I’m sure it had everything to do with the budget of the first film, but it really allowed Carrie Fisher to shine through.

Of course, we have the iconic bikini. Hair here was a bit easier to keep in place thanks to the gold hair piece holding that giant bun in. I love the braid coming down the side though. One of my favorite dolls.

Ahsoka Tano

I have only just recently started to watch The Clone Wars show. I’m definitely not through with it and will absolutely cheat and find a “must watch” list, but I had to give it a shot all because of Ahsoka. Everyone talks about how amazing her character is. How loved she is. I had to see for myself. And while I haven’t been a huge fan of The Clone Wars yet, The Mandalorian has really allowed me to fall in love with the character. She’s amazing.

I get so many requests for this pattern of Ahsoka and I just don’t have one. I joked with the commissioner that I rage quit this doll a few times because I just couldn’t get her head tails right. I finagled a random way to get them to sit right and there was just no way I could write a pattern for it. I don’t even remember what I did, but I certainly remember being so frustrated with it. She turned out great though!


Ok listen, say what you will about the sequel trilogy, but BB8 in the first movie was adorable. He is a great addition to the franchise. I absolutely love the scene where Finn is trying to convince BB8 to cover for him and take them to the resistance. And BB8 is looking back and forth between Rey and Finn trying to decide. Finally the thumbs up at the end.. Perfect.


The sheer amount of stormtrooper cosplays shows just how iconic the stormtrooper is for Star Wars. So I had to make one myself. I am loving how the new Star Wars are giving these guys some more personality and showing us that they are different. Obviously they were clones before and now they’re not but I’m just happy to see it. It adds an additional layer. One of my favorite scenes happens in Mandalorian when the two stormtroopers get bored and start shooting at.. whatever that was on the ground and they just kept missing. This is the type of fanservice I like.

Most of these dolls used my sackdoll pattern as the base.

This pattern includes a 4 paged PDF with 9 detailed pictures for you to created your sackdoll with ease. Also included is a 26 minute step by step video tutorial! Check out my Portfolio to see all the dolls I’ve created from this base pattern!

This pack includes all of the patterns for sackdolls that were previously available on my Patreon. They are no longer available there so instead they are offered here for anyone that wishes to still obtain them. These patterns are ADDONS you will not be able to complete these dolls unless you also purchase the Base Body Pattern.

This pack includes: Castiel (Supernatural) 7 paged PDF; Princess Leia’s Slave Outfit 7 paged PDF; Geralt (Witcher 3) 5 paged PDF; KOS-MOS (Xenosaga) 9 paged PDF, Belle (Beauty and the Beast) 5 paged PDF; and a Stormtrooper 8 paged PDF.

Each pattern has lots of detailed pictures to help you along!

My BB8 pattern can be found here in this Odds and Ends pack. Not only do you get BB8 but you get all of these other great patterns too!

This pack includes: BB8 PDF pattern (3 pages); Castle Crasher PDF pattern (4 pages); Heartless PDF pattern (4 pages); Rimworld PDF pattern (6 pages); Toad PDF pattern (4 pages); White Rabbit PDF pattern (6 pages)

If you’re looking for a quick afternoon project I have a Quick and Easy pack that includes a  R2D2!

This pack includes: Supercat PDF pattern (3 pages); Squirrel PDF pattern (3 pages); 7 days of Patterns PDF (11 pages) – which includes the R2D2, Navi, Mario, Enterprise, Minecraft Grass Block, Moogle, and Anouki Tribesman.

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