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When I transitioned from taking commissions to offering crochet patterns I used to release a pattern every month through Patreon. I can tell you guys now that that was extreme. I got burnt out pretty quick. I stopped because the quality of my work started to drop and I didn’t like what I was putting out. So, I’ve decided to remove all of my patterns from Patreon and offer the ones that I like the most here.

Thank you to my patreons for all of your support throughout the years. I appreciate you so much!

Fantasy Pattern Pack

This pattern pack includes some of my favorite patterns! Despite not getting into the series until Final Fantasy 8 I fell in love with the monsters, story structure, graphics, music, and all the characters that they’ve introduced us to over the years. It’s an iconic franchise and I look forward to anything that they’ll bring out.

Included: Carbuncle PDF pattern (7 pages); Moogle PDF pattern (7 pages); Nanamo PDF pattern (16 pages); Ultros PDF pattern (3 pages); Vivi PDF pattern (6 pages)

Blizzard Pattern Pack

While not as big as the Fantasy pack, World of Warcraft did hold a special place in my heart. You can read all about it in my portfolio post. I see how I’ve grown as a person through Blizzard games and I hope the company pulls their crap together and become a better.

Included: Jaina PDF pattern (6 pages); Snowball PDF pattern (4 pages); Voidwalker PDF pattern (4 pages)

Odds and Ends Pattern Pack #1

So, I have a lot of patterns that don’t really relate to each other, but I’m sure you’ll see something that you like! We’ve got Star Wars, Kingdom Hearts, Rimworld, and a dash of Mario.

Included: BB8 PDF pattern (3 pages); Castle Crasher PDF pattern (4 pages); Heartless PDF pattern (4 pages); Rimworld PDF pattern (6 pages); Toad PDF pattern (4 pages); White Rabbit PDF pattern (6 pages)

Odds and Ends Pattern Pack #2

This odds and ends pack includes dolls with a similar body type. There’s a little something here for everyone! Batman, Harry Potter, Fallout, Star Trek! I’m sure you’ll easily find something someone likes.

Included: Batman PDF pattern (6 pages); Hermione PDF pattern (5 pages); Baby Jack and Zero PDF patterns (6 pages); Spock PDF pattern (5 pages); Vaultboy PDF pattern (6 pages); Binding of Isaac PDF pattern (3 pages); Malificent PDF pattern (5 pages)

Quick and Easy Pattern Pack

Ever have one of those days where you want to crochet, but don’t want to start a large project? This pack includes patterns that you can complete in an afternoon. There’s not much that is more satisfying than completing a project. The 7 days of pattern PDF includes: Mario, Navi, Minecraft Grass Block, R2D2, Moogle, Enterprise, and an Anouki Tribesman.

Included: Supercat PDF pattern (3 pages); Squirrel PDF pattern (3 pages); 7 days of Patterns PDF (11 pages)

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