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Young Zelda Crochet Pattern

Like most of us my age, I started my gaming interest with Mario. A wonderful game series honestly, but nothing more than something to dabble in. There is a specific game that I credit for my love of gaming. A game that absolutely captivated me; a game that left me craving for more like it; Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. So, of course, I had to create a Zelda crochet pattern. I remember every month we would be taken to our local Blockbuster and we were able to pick out a single game that my younger brother and I would have to agree upon in order to get. Ocarina of Time was chosen nine times out of ten. I remember we had the hardest time figuring out how to get past King Zora. Weeks we would get to this point and that was it. That was the end of the story for us. My brother even said to me when I wanted to rent it again for the umpteenth time “Why? We only make it to that fish place and have to quit.” I relented and a different game was chosen.

I think I snuck a peek at a game guide and found out we needed a fish.. A FRICKEN FISH!!! And we were back to renting Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. The game opened up and it was.. amazing. Ocarina of Time is just a cherished game to me. I wish they would rerelease it on the switch. Let me give you money Nintendo! PLEASE!

Please check out the companion pattern page that has MINIMAL pictures for your convenience.

Zelda Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Worsted Weight Yarn.

  • Gold
  • White
  • Dark Pink
  • Cream
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Blue

4.5 mm Size G Crochet Hook
Stuffing (fiberfill, polyfill, etc.)
Tapestry Needle
15mm Black Button Eyes


[American English Terms]
slst – slip stitch
ch – chain stitch
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
inc – increase (2 single crochet stitches in the same stitch)
dec – decrease (single crochet 2 stitches together)
f/o – fasten off
[ ] – repeat instructions between [ and ]
( ) – the total number of stitches for row
CC – change color
MC – Magic Circle (Please see special instructions)
BLO – back loops only
FLO – front loops only

Finished Size:

The finished size is about 9″ tall. Size varies based on yarn, crochet hook, and your tension.

Special Stitch Instructions:

Most pieces begin with a “ring.” Use any type you feel comfortable with (i.e. Magic Circle, chain 2, and single crochet in the second chain, etc). You’ll be working most pieces in a continuous spiral, as indicated by the MC. If your row starts with CH then you’ll be working in regular rows unless otherwise indicated.

The use of a marker is very useful if you’re not used to working in continuous rounds. It’s also great if you have to stop midway.

This pattern uses slip stitch embroidery. Brush up on the technique by visiting this tutorial.

About the Pattern:

This Zelda crochet pattern MAY NOT be publicly distributed or sold in print or digital form. You MAY NOT reproduce this pattern on your site. Instead, link back to this pattern.

This pattern is an original pattern by Bobbi Wetzler, Satu Stitches (2016). Do not claim this pattern as your own. Legend of Zelda and Ocarina of Time are registered trademarks or trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. I am not affiliated with Nintendo.

You can NOT sell dolls made from this pattern as the doll’s likeness is under the copyright of Nintendo. This pattern is for personal use ONLY.

Head / Body

With Cream yarn:
1. MC – 6sc (6)
2. 6inc (12)
3. [1sc, 1inc] x 6 (18)
4. [2sc, 1inc] x 6 (24)
5. [3sc, 1inc] x 6 (30)
6. [4sc, 1inc] x 6 (36)
7. [5sc, 1inc] x 6 (42)
8-14. 42sc
15. [5sc, 1dec] x 6 (36)
16. [4sc, 1dec] x 6 (30)
17. [3sc, 1dec] x 6 (24)
18. [2sc, 1dec] x 6 (18)
19. 1sc, [1sc, 1dec] x 5, 2sc (13)
20. 13sc
Change to white yarn. Stuff head.
21. 13inc (26)
22-32. 26sc
Flatten the body so that the end of the round is in the middle of the piece.
33. 1inc, 12sc, sc across the gap into the first sc of row. Continue in rounds. (14)
34-39. 14sc
Change to dark pink yarn.
40. 14sc
41. BLO: 7dec (7)
42. dec until closed. Sew up any holes.

For the second leg: 

(Make sure you’re finished stuffing the body before you continue)
1. Pick up stitch in the stitch of the first leg. CH2, this will count as a stitch. 13sc, sc across into the starting chain. Continue in rounds. (14)
2-7. 14sc
Change color to dark pink yarn.
8. 14sc  Stuff leg.
9. BLO: 7dec (7)
10. dec until closed. Sew up any holes.


With cream yarn.
(Make 2)
1. MC – 6sc (6)
2. 6inc (12)
3. 12sc
4. [1sc, 1dec] x 4 (8)
Change color to light blue.
5. FLO: 8sc
6-12. 8sc Stuff as you go.
f/o and attach.

(Make 2)
With gold yarn:
1. CH10
f/o and attach around wrists between rows 6 and 7.


(Make 2)
With white yarn.
1. CH2 – 3sc in same stitch (3)
2. 3inc (6)
3. [1sc, 1inc] x 3 (9)
4. [2sc, 1inc] x 3 (12)
f/o. With dark pink yarn make a slip stitch embroidery along the curve of the piece. Attach.


With white yarn.
1. CH30 – 29sc
2-11. 29sc
12. [3sc, 1inc] x 7, 1sc (36)
f/o and attach around waist.

Dress Details

(Make 2)
With dark pink yarn.
1. CH2 – 1sc (1)
2. 3sc in same stitch (3)
3. 1inc, 1sc, 1inc (5)
4-7. 5sc
8. 1inc, 3sc, 1inc (7)
9. 1inc, 5sc, 1inc (9)
10. 9sc
11. CH7, 15 sc (15)
12-15. 15sc
16. 3sc
17. 1dec, 1sc (2)
18-24. 2sc
25. 1inc, 1sc (3)
f/o. One of these pieces will be the front and we’ll have to slip stitch embroidery the triforce to it. The bottom of the triforce starts between rows 7 and 8. Each triangle is 3 stitches.

Once done, attach both pieces to the doll.

With gold yarn.
1. CH31 – 30sc
f/o and attach around the waist.


With dark pink yarn:
1. MC – 6sc (6)
2. 6inc (12)
3. [1sc, 1inc] x 6 (18)
4. [2sc, 1inc] x 6 (24)
5. [3sc, 1inc] x 6 (30)
6. [4sc, 1inc] x 6 (36)
7. [5sc, 1inc] x 6 (42)
8. [6sc, 1inc] x 6 (48)
9-13. 48sc
f/o. You should attach your button eyes first, between rows 12 and 13 of the head about 6 stitches apart. Then this piece at a slight angle back.

Top piece:

With white yarn:
1. CH16 – 15sc (15)
2-9. 15sc
10. 1inc, 13sc, 1inc (17)
11. 1inc, 15sc, 1inc (19)
12. 1inc, 17sc, 1inc (21)
13-14. 21sc
15. 10sc
16. 1dec, 7sc, 1inc (10)
17. 8sc, 1dec (9)
18. 1dec, 6sc, 1inc (9)
19. 7sc, 1dec (8)
20. 1dec, 5sc, 1inc (8)
21. 6sc, 1dec (7)
22. 1dec, 4sc, 1inc (7)
23. 5sc, 1dec (6)
24. 1dec, 3sc, 1inc (6)
25. 4sc, 1dec (5)
26. 1dec, 2sc, 1inc (5)
27. 1sc, 2dec (3)
28. 1dec, 1inc (3)

Pick up stitches on the opposite side, turn the piece around so you start on the end. Repeat rows 15-28. At the bottom of this piece create a slip stitch embroidery using dark pink yarn across the bottom, between rows 3 and 4.

With white yarn:
1. CH16 – 15sc (15)
2-9. 15sc
f/o. At the bottom of this piece make a slip stitch across the piece using dark pink yarn in between rows 3 and 4. Attach this piece to the previous piece, hiding the back stitches of both pieces.

Attach the ears first, before you attach this finished piece.


(Make 4)
With cream yarn:
1. CH6 – 5sc (5)
2. 1dec, 3sc (4)
3. 1inc, 1sc, 1dec (4)
4. 1dec, 1sc, 1inc (4)
5. 2sc, 1dec (3)
6. 1dec, 1inc (3)
f/o. Attach 2 pieces with sc border. Attach to the head just below the pink headpiece.


With dark brown yarn:
1. MC – 6sc (6)
2. 6inc (12)
3. [1sc, 1inc] x 6 (18)
Change to gold yarn:
4. [2sc, 1inc] x 6 (24)
f/o and set aside.

(Make 3)
With gold yarn:
1. CH2 – 1sc (1)
2. 1inc (2)
3. 2inc (4)
f/o and attach to the previous piece. Once finished, attach to the headpiece.


Thank you all so much for completing this Zelda crochet pattern! I hope creating this doll reignited old memories of one of my favorite games of all time as it did for me when I was creating it. I look forward to seeing your finished pieces!

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