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Cute Whale Crochet Pattern

I’m all about finding quick and fun projects that you can finish in an afternoon! I love my big projects, but sometimes you just got to complete something. This cute whale crochet pattern is perfect for that need. Maybe an ornament? Or just something cute to hang somewhere. I love little amigurumi like this just hanging around in random spots.

Please check out the companion pattern page that has MINIMAL pictures for your convenience.

Wrong Side of Amigurumi

Worsted Weight Yarn.

  • Light Blue (Main Color)
  • Dark Blue (Accent Color)

4.5 mm Size G Crochet Hook
2 – 10mm black craft eyes
Stuffing (fiberfill, polyfill, etc.)
Tapestry Needle


[American English Terms]
slst – slip stitch
ch – chain stitch
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
inc – increase (2 single crochet stitches in the same stitch)
dec – decrease (single crochet 2 stitches together)
f/o – fasten off
[ ] – repeat instructions between [ and ]
( ) – the total number of stitches for row
CC – change color
MC – Magic Circle (Please see special instructions)

Finished Size:

The finished size is about 2.5” tall and 5.5″ wide. Size varies based on yarn, crochet hook, and your tension.

Special Stitch Instructions:

Most pieces begin with a “ring.” Use any type you feel comfortable with (i.e. Magic Circle, chain 2, and single crochet in the second chain, etc). You’ll be working most pieces in a continuous spiral, as indicated by the MC. If your row starts with CH then you’ll be working in regular rows unless otherwise indicated.

The use of a marker is very useful if you’re not used to working in continuous rounds. It’s also great if you have to stop midway.

About the Pattern:

This cute whale crochet pattern MAY NOT be publicly distributed or sold in print or digital form. You MAY NOT reproduce this pattern on your site. Instead, link back to this pattern.

This pattern is an original pattern by Bobbi Wetzler, Satu Stitches (2016). Do not claim this pattern as your own.

You’re more than welcome to sell items made from this pattern, so long as it is not mass-produced. Please indicate that it is a ‘Bobbi Wetzler of SatuStitches Design’ (on the tag) and link to (if the listing is online.)


With main color yarn (light blue).
1. MC – 6sc (6)
2. 6inc (12)
3. [1sc, 1inc] x 6 (18)
4. [2sc, 1inc] x 6 (24)
5. [3sc, 1inc] x 6 (30)
6-11. 30sc
Attach eyes, between rows 9 and 10. One eye 5 stitches from start of the
row. One eye 6 stitches from the end of the row. They should be 17 stitches
apart along the top.
12. 5sc, [3sc, 1dec] x 4, 5sc (26)
13. 26sc
14. 3sc, 1dec, [2sc, 1dec] x 4, 3sc, 1dec (20)
15. 20sc
16. 5sc, 5dec, 5sc, (15)
17. 4sc, 5dec, 1sc (10) Begin stuffing.
18-20. 10sc
21. 4sc, 3dec (7)
f/o, finish stuffing and sew up holes.

Tail Fins:

With main color yarn.
(Make 2)
1. MC – 4sc (4)
2. 4sc
3. 4inc (8)
4. [1sc, 1inc] x 4 (12)
5. [1sc, 1dec] x 4 (8)
f/o first fin here. Create 2nd fin following rows 1-5, don’t f/o, and attach
both fins to each other by the following:
6. 4sc, continue onto 1st fin 8sc, back onto 2nd fin 4sc (16)
7. 8dec (8)
f/o and attach the piece to row 21 of the body.

Front Fins:

With main color yarn.
(Make 2)
1. MC – 4sc (4)
2. 4sc
3. 1sc, 2inc, 1sc (6)
4. 2sc, 2inc, 2sc (8)
f/o and attach to the body, below and to the side of the eyes.

Belly Accent:

With accent yarn.
1. CH2 – 1sc
2. 1inc (2)
3. 2sc
4. 2inc (4)
5. 4sc
6. 1inc, 2sc, 1inc (6)
7. 6sc
8. 1inc, 4sc, 1inc (8)
9-13. 8sc
14. 1dec, 4sc, 1dec (6)
15. 1dec, 2sc, 1dec (4)
16. 2dec (2)
f/o and attach to the belly.

See how quick and easy that was?! I hope you come back to this cute whale crochet pattern any time you need a quick “project completed” endorphin rush. Ha!

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